About Myself

Hello there, my name is Phil Stone! I was born in Redding, CA in 1990 and have lived here all of my life. I graduated from Shasta High School in 2008 and Shasta College in 2016 with a degree in Computer and Information Systems – Network Administration. I have been using computers since I was six years old. I’m extremely passionate about offering the highest quality service as I know how frustrating it can be to have computers not work properly.

I am well versed in the services I provide and am constantly innovating my business to better serve you and/or your company. I use only open source software and freeware.

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing online video games, cooking elaborate meals, and generally being at Whiskeytown as much as possible!

I’m always interested in hearing what people think about technology and where it is heading in the future so please feel free to email me at any time at philstonepcrepair@gmail.com or add me on Google+.

Phil Stone