Phil Stone Computer Repair offers a wide range of affordable technical support solutions as well as troubleshooting, consulting, and software recommendations. I am based out of the beautiful Redding, CA area. I work with Windows, Mac OS X, and various Linux distributions.

In addition to technical support, I also offer affordable website design and hosting solutions. For more information and a list of websites I’ve designed, check out my Website Design section.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and have a great day!

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Mission Statement

I promise to provide the best technical support and computer repair at the most reasonable prices.

  • In addition to providing support, I pledge to do my best to provide for a better understanding of computers and technology in general.
  • I use only open source and freeware programs. Unless there is a direct interest in paid software, I will always recommend the same for my clients.
  • I pledge to provide my services in a consistently friendly, punctual, and professional manner.


In addition to computer repair and website design, I also offer consultations and generally try to provide the best advice I can to my clients. Staying informed is the key to successful computer use and I am always happy to provide as much information as I possibly can!

Computer Repair and Services

  • Tune up your PC or Mac
  • Optimize your Internet speed and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Virus (Malware/Adware/Spyware) removal*
  • Driver updates
  • Software installation and removal*
  • New computer setup
  • Printer installation and maintenance
  • Hardware installation and configuration (GPU, CPU, RAM, Power Supply, Motherboard, Storage, Optical Drives, Air-based Cooling and Ventilation)
  • Custom Computer Builds (Gaming, Media, Business, and Personal)
  • Operating System installation and upgrades*
  • Data transfers and backups*

*Comes with free tune-up!

Website Design

After seeing a rising demand for more innovative and modern websites in the Northern California area, I decided to start creating WordPress websites. Although there are many platforms to create websites with, WordPress offers an easy to use interface for clients to publish content with. The plugin system also allows for practically infinite possibilities in terms of design, layout, and functionality. I am well versed in creating website copy, picture editing, website layout, and search engine optimization. In addition to my own website, below are just a few of the other websites I’ve designed for Redding locals:


Like my technical support, I keep my prices as reasonable and competitive as possible. Note that prices do not include hosting and domain costs.


Anewscafe.com is absolutely my favorite source of information in the Redding area and I am extraordinarily pleased to have the opportunity to write a column for the site’s owner, Doni Chamberlain.


The Rise of Ransomware

Halloween is upon us! This year, however, there is something much more sinister afoot than the usual hordes of zombies, vampires, and cavities. I’m talking about ransomware, a particularly malevolent form of computer virus that can hold your personal files or your whole operating system hostage. Ransomware is especially malicious because there is a chance …

Five Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Computer Safe

One of the most common questions any computer repair technician receives is, “How do I keep my computer from slowing down and getting viruses?” It’s a simple question but one with many different answers that will certainly vary depending on who you ask. But overall, there are five steps you can take to keep your …


Creating backups of your data is arguably one of the most important tasks any computer owner can do, especially when working with older desktop and laptop computers. Widely overlooked by many, backups can save you significant amounts of time, money, and hassle. Anyone who has been there knows losing all your files can be devastating …